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Welcome to! Yo Mama is a Loving bingo playing, Spicy Cajun Food Eating women, filled with jocular and website jokes. This is online comedy at it's best.


So, just browse through and you do not have to join anything and when we upgrade this site you will be able to post your favorite yo mama jokes, rate other members jokes and share jokes with friends!


Yo Mama is a Geek and so am I, and lets not forget about the Spicy Cajun Food we all love Eating during those family gatherings. My Mama is the greatest and love my. Parenting our family is a challenge but worth every experience that leaves only smiles when I am at work and think of my kids.


My Mama is the greatest Seasoning the Cajun food during family gatherings, best cook in the world. I love you Mama. Yo Mama website is a Loving place filled with jokes.


Enjoy Your Visit

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I am Potassium_Iodide, Biatch!


Yo Mama Size Me Dog! -Woof Woof

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