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Friday, October 8, 2021

Dry Bar Comedy: We Have So Many Choices We Have Lost Common Sense. Kenn Kington

EntryTitle: We Have So Many Choices We Have Lost Common Sense. Kenn Kington
FeedTitle: Dry Bar Comedy
EntryPublished: October 08, 2021 at 05:45PM
EntryAuthor: Dry Bar Comedy
EntryContent: We have so many choices we have lost common sense, or at least that has been Kenn Kington's experience in this clip from his full Dry Bar Comedy special. Whether it's have 900 TV channels and nothing to watch, or a thousand different varieties of candy we just have too many options and are no longer capable of making decisions. Whether your someone who suffers from analysis paralysis or someone who can make a decision on a dime this clip from Kenn Kington's full Dry Bar Comedy special is sure to keep oyu entertained from beginning to end. Watch Kenn Kington's full special on Dry Bar Comedy + If you enjoyed this clip from Kenn Kington, be sure to check out the links below for even more Dry Bar Comedians you might enjoy! Danny Villalpando Mark Poolos Costaki Economopoulos Come See Us On Tour Subscribe to Dry Bar Comedy Shorts Subscribe to Dry Bar Radio Want More Dry Bar Comedy? Check us out on our other social media channels. Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: #drybar #comedy #standup


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