FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS compilation 1 thru 3 Video Series

FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS compilation, 1-of-3

FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS compilation, 2-of-3

FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS compilation, 3-of-3

FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTSFists and hands were flying,  people laughing and Bike stunts were firing as a new stunt show premiered Thursday at Youtube funniest videos.

“Madness Youtube Videos!” is performed several time a day in Ghost Town’s & happy Campers. It joins several new offerings this summer in honor of Ghost Town’s 75th anniversary.

“It took seven months to write and stage the shoho guy funny video,” Soho Guy Butchet, the director’s assistant on the show, said.

Along with fisticuffs, stunts in the show include gun fights (one featuring a mock Gatling gun), knife throwing and falls from various heights – including a live 17-foot fall in the finale.

FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS:  There is also a stunt where a character is catapulted via an explosion 65 feet across the stage. Don’t worry, that character is a dummy, not a live person. All of the other stunts are done by performers – and they have to be precise in their timing for all the action.

“Much of the staging is set to certain times and beats, like a choreographed dance,” said Toby Pruett, an actor and stunt performer who plays Col. Randall Hawkins in the show.

Another effect is a unique stinky smell that wafts through the air every time a particular character, named “Skunk,” appears on stage. But that’s all in good fun.

The show is live, and to keep it moving the performers have to be ready for anything.

FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS:  “The live show performers need to be able to think on their feet. They need to be able to have a way out of a scene in case a gun doesn’t go off, or an explosion doesn’t happen,” stunt coordinator Carl Ciarfalio said.

Ciarfalio is famous for having his head squeezed in a vise by Joe Pesci in the movie “Casino.” But he likes the fun aspect of the show and Youtube funniest videos.

“We like for the actors to have fun,” he said, “and show their talents and make the show even bigger than life.”


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