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Appearing Childlike Equates Life’s Apocalyptic Worlds-End

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Appearing Childlike has been my adult problem.
Well I suffer from a severe case of “baby face” facial features.
I have an overall small body and head size,I’m short and I have childlike facial features.All of this makes me look 14years old at best,while I’m actually 21.I was hoping it was going to get better over the years but it only gets worse as I age,my face is almost literally ageless.
This is seriously making my life so miserable in every possible way,I feel like an adult trapped in a kid’s body.I’m starting to get suicidal thoughts because of this .Please note:
I am a 21 years old girl.
I don’t just have a baby-face ,no,I look straight up like a kid,I look even younger than some kids themselves,and I’m way past puberty so this is how it is going to be forever.
I see no solution ,at all.
What can I do about this ?Are there any permanent solutions to this problem?Is there any hope?

At all?

My Answer:

Appearing Childlike when you were a child and worse as adult then you knew your worth and value in a way that you may have forgotten to some degree at this point in your life.
Appearing Childlike and you didn’t doubt that you were supposed to be YOUR center of YOUR Universe?
Appearing Childlike, you lived in a way that relaxed yourself into who you are, possibly more deeply than you do as an adult.
Appearing Childlike, I think somewhere along the way, as we grow and have more experiences, we lose a sense of that wonder and security that we were born with on this planet.
Appearing Childlike, I also think that at some point, some possibly well-meaning people helped us forget all of this.
Appearing Childlike, encouraged us to be less childish, and to think of putting others first.
Appearing Childlike, told us not to be so self-centered.
Appearing Childlike, taught us that we should give more than we get, share our toys, and to be nice to our mothers.
Appearing Childlike, I agree that these things are part of life’s greater lessons (especially being nice to your mother!) But I also think that somewhere along the way, we sacrificed the quality of being “childlike” on the alter of trying not to be “childish.”
Appearing Childlike, Somehow, most of us learned to be adults by turning away from being childlike while trying to be less childish.
Appearing Childlike, Childishness; is something that we do (and should) outgrow. It is not necessary to cry when we are hungry, or to hold on to our toys so no one can play with them. But we do not need to lose our childlike qualities, which I will define next.

To be childlike is to have wonder for the moment. It means that you love right now, and you are amazed by everything you see. You have a sense of the perfection of what you are observing. You are open to any possibility. You feel at one with the present. Being childlike means loving yourself. It means having a firm knowing that you came from greatness, and that you embody greatness. Being childlike means knowing you are an extension of Source Energy, and that you are a particular piece of unique expression in your body. Childlike people are not closed to others, but are open channels of love and light. They have a curious nature, and they are centered in who they are. They are secure in their expression, and they are willing to let themselves follow a path of joy. To a person who is childlike, anything is possible. They know that all they have to do is follow a desire, and the Universe will help that desire come true. Disney has made a fortune reminding us of this quality in ourselves…though as adults, we may look back on these qualities and think that it is all fantasy, or that it is actually childish to believe in such things anymore. But what you know deep down is that dreams can, and do, come true.

Law of Attraction is the law that holds that like attracts like. Every vibration in the Universe is attracting other similar vibrations unto it, and like gravity, energies converge in a cosmic dance of perfection. What you think, feel, and do is transmitted to the farthest reaches of creation, and your signal is responded to by others signals like it. You sense this by sensing your own energy and thinking; if you think a thought for about 17 seconds, another similar thought will appear to join it. Keep thinking in the same way, and more and more thoughts will arrive; before too long, the essence of the thinking, and the incredible energy behind the thoughts, will be experienced as an event in your present. So if you want to manifest something, you have to hold the thought of it actually happening, like you did in your childlike early life. You have to believe that your dreams are possible, and that you deserve to be special, loved, and complete. When you let yourself relax into believing with the innocence of your inner child, anything IS possible for you. Law of Attraction makes this so.

Let yourself be less childish, yet more childlike, today. Find something really cool to observe and just say “Wow!” Be in love with your life’s expression a little more. Appreciate your unique place in this time and space. Remember that you can do, be, or have anything you desire. Give a grateful thought to the miracle that made you exist right now. Be in your joy. You are here to love and be loved…to create, and to teach. Let yourself relax into your childlike nature, and see how your life becomes more fun, loving, and blissful. Enjoy this most amazing day!


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